Additional Resources

You may also be interested in additional flashcards and games that have been made to go with these lessons available at The format of these flashcards is a bit different from the Quia flashcards that come with the lesson in that they offer more of a challenge to students in learning the vocabulary. To find the flashcards once you get to the site do the following:

  1. Look for the "Find Flashcards" area of the website and click on it.
  2. Search for abuttner
  3. The search results will then inform you that there are no flashcard sets with that title, but ask if you are looking for the user abuttner.
  4. Click on the blue hyperlinked text that says abuttner. It will take you to all flashcard sets that I have made.
  5. Search for the set you are looking for based on the title of the lesson and then the numbers of the vocabulary students will be studying. Verb topics are titled using the the verb being studied. Once you click on the set you want students to practice, you will see the different options they have for studying. Feel free to share any of the links with your students, show them how to find them on Quizlet, or post them on your own website for them to use.
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