1. What is included in the purchase of this product?
      With the purchase of this product you will receive the following:
    • the SMART Board lesson
    • an accompanying packet that includes the vocabulary list, grammatical explanations, oral questions and answers relevant to the topic, and worksheets to practice the concepts introduced as at attached Word document
    • the answer packet as an attached Word document
    • some lessons will include additional pair and individual practice activities as Word attachments. See the Lesson Contents page of the lesson you are interested in to see what exactly is included.

  2. Who can use the SMART Board lesson once I purchase it?
    • You may share copies of this lesson with colleagues at your individual school via email or file transfer from a USB drive or on your school’s private network.
    • Students may use this lesson for practice on individual computers at your school.
    • The lesson cannot to be re-posted for download anywhere.
    • The accompanying packets can be shared following the same guidelines as the SMART Board lesson. You may make as many copies as you need for use by your students.

  3. Why do the colors look different on my computer screen than on the SMART Board?
    • Depending upon the quality of your LCD projector, you may experience that the colors in the lesson appear distorted from what they do on your screen. You may choose to make page background or object color adjustments if they do not project well on your particular projector.

  4. Why are the Notebook files so large?
    • File sizes can be large due to the quantity of text, objects, audio, images, animations, flash files, and additional Word document attachments that are embedded in the Notebook file. Once you download the file you may opt to split the file if it seems to take too long to open or operates too slowly.

  5. Why does the Word document not appear correctly?
    • You may need to adjust your margins in Word for the document to appear correctly. I tend to use smaller margins to conserve paper. Most margins in the documents are .6.

  6. When looking at the PDF preview of the lesson, some pages have some distortions. Will that be a problem in the Notebook file?
    • No. When the Notebook file is converted to a PDF, most pages stay true to their content. However, pages with Flash files may cause page distortions or may not show the actual content of the page.

  7. Why are the accents displaying incorrectly in the Flash files?
    • On occasion there are problems with punctuation and accents in flash files. To fix the problem, click on the “Edit” button and make the adjustment. You will need to use “Alt” commands to put in accents and punctuation.

  8. I have purchased and downloaded a file from the website. Why won't it open?
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