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SMART Board lessons for the Spanish and ELL classrooms.

The lessons and accompanying materials available on this site have been carefully developed and revised with attention to detail over the past 3 years. All lessons include the following:

  • Image-rich presentation pages to introduce and practice new vocabulary in the target language.
  • Essential questions for each lesson to promote oral communication.
  • Embedded audio to practice pronunciation.
  • Activities that focus on reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.
  • Many flash activities to add to lesson interactivity
  • Links to on-line flashcards for each vocabulary section.
  • Links to on-line games and activities to practice vocabulary and grammatical concepts.
  • A student packet for each lesson that includes all essential questions, vocabulary and related grammatical topics, as well as homework sheets.
  • An answer key to the student packet in the Attachments tab of the SMART Notebook file.
  • A separate document with all links for on-line practice activities in the lesson in the Attachments tab of the SMART Notebook file.
  • Larger lessons that include grammatical concepts also include explanation and practice pages in the SMART Board file and student packet.
  • Larger lessons also include additional activities for individual, pair, or group practice in the Attachments tab of the SMART Notebook file.

If you are interested in a particular lesson, we encourage you to see the PDF preview of it that is available in the product description section. It will allow you to view the Notebook pages to see the lesson contents, objectives and terms of use. The preview will also allow you to view a specific list of items that are included in the Attachments tab of the Notebook file upon download.

Should you decide to purchase a lesson, as soon as your payment is confirmed you will receive a link that will give you access to a digital download of the purchased lesson. All lessons have been created in Notebook Version 10. Please be aware that file download sizes range between 6MB and 30MB due to the fact that lessons include many images, sound and flash files, as well as attached documents.

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